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"Some say I am a Killer Storyteller I say I just speak my Reality."

-Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

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...but some of y'all may know me as @shewillspeak

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Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is the founder and curator of the She Will Speak Series which is a platform to empower Women through education, awareness, and arts to cultivate healing and change.  Her journey to art, writing, and activism came when she took on the name of @shewillspeak on social media. She has previous experience as a community journalist and on-air personality for MLK Institute of Nonviolence and Townsquare Media Station.  She also had the opportunity to report current news and events at William Paterson University as an on-air personality.  If you would like to contact Cheyenne pleased please reach out below or by emailing info@cheyennetylerjacobs.com. 

A Little More About Me!

Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is a young black creative originally from Manchester Township, NJ.  She graduated from William Paterson University in 2017 and has since gone on to speak and write for numerous organizations and platforms.  She was born with a passion for writing and published her first book The Mind of the Teenage Drama Queen while in High School.  She started breaking ground with her writing after the release of her second book The Tragic Type of Beautiful in May 2018.  Her words and work started being featured on numerous platforms such as Frolic, Asbury Park Press, N.O.W, NJCASA, and EROC who shares her work continuously.  Cheyenne is always looking for the truth and deeper meaning in a story she was born with both her feet deformed and in 2018 had total reconstruction to allow her to continue her mobility.  From looking at her though you would not notice the obstacles she has overcome to be standing here today.  She dedicated a portion of her life counseling homeless youth which allowed her to not only shift her perspective.  But to truly understand what it means to be engaged and knowledge able with what is happening not only nationally but your surrounding community.  Cheyenne always has pen, pad, and phone in hand because no matter where she stands she makes it a mission to report the truth.

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