A Poetic Activist,
Word Enthusiast, 
Community Organizer, Spoken Word Artist, 

& Author. 

"Some say I am a Killer Storyteller I say I just speak my Reality."

-Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

Hey, I'm

Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

...but some of y'all may know me as @shewillspeak

Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is a Black creative originally from New Jersey. She started breaking ground as @shewillspeak on Instagram, with her writing after the release of her second book The Tragic Type of Beautiful in May 2018. Her words and work started being featured on numerous platforms such as MeTOO, Frolic, AspireTV, N.O.W, and End Rape on Campus. After the release of her second book she founded the She Will Speak Series which curates bi-annual anthologies. Currently, Cheyenne resides in Atlanta, where and is continuing her work tackling the issues of racism, sexual violence, and homelessness through art and activism.

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